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So you’ve arrived at our Online Booking! If you are here, you’re probably looking for Ski Instructors and Snowboard Instructors in Livigno. Today we want to talk to you about the role of a Ski or Snowboard Instructor and so you can discover what he or she can do for you.

“But what do I need an instructor for? I can learn by myself…I learn quickly after all …”

A lot of people start by themselves as self-taught skiers and snowboarders…by trying again and again, with perseverance, they also succeed in gliding down to the bottom of the slope! An instructor is not always essential but if you think you need help, he or she will be the person you place your trust in…

However, the help of an instructor will be fundamental to your progress. The instructor’s knowledge, skills and experience will greatly help your progression, from your first steps, in Freeride, Freestyle and Carving.

Beginning your Snowboard or Ski experience with the aid of an instructor will definitely make your life easier. Not only will you reduce your risk of accidents but you will immediately learn the right technique to be able to one day master your equipment and be able to make the most of it. Also, your rate of progression will obviously be faster and the results will be clearly visible, even at more advanced levels.

Snowboard Instructors and Ski Instructors in Livigno Online Booking

You can request an Online Quote and contact the instructors directly to book. You can write to us via email or visit our online webpage.

The Max Crew Snowboard & Ski Instructors have also launched a new Facebook page, where you can follow all the updates, news and promotions. The MAX Crew will regularly publish photos and videos of their work and any developments. You can also immediately request a quote via a simple Messenger message.

So we invite you to LIKE the new The Max Crew Snowboard & Ski Instructors Facebook page and follow us during winter!

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