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The winter 2018/19 Ski and Snowboard season in Livigno has also started for The MAX Crew. Our Riders are already at work in this pre-season period and we have started pulling out the first tricks. As always, videos and photos will speak for us and we will show you everything we will be doing during the course of the season. Park, street, piste, freeride and also what is happening with The MAX Crew Snowboard Instructors Page. Our project is constantly developing and there will be something new to look forward to also this 2018/19 winter season…

The MAX Crew Ski and Snowboard Livigno was established 4 years ago, driven by the passion and desire to promote this sport in our own small way. The Crew consisted only of Snowboarders in the very first season, with a Skier joining mid-season. The team was expanded in the second year and, in addition to having filmed in many spots, we organised some contests together with Carosello 3000 that were pretty successful. In the third year, however, the team went back to its roots and a new contest was organised. This time, however, it was a Ski Contest Online…Writing a Line, that is, 4 Skiers joined the Team 4 and challenged themselves with tricks that were then evaluated by the online audience. The judges in this case were all those who participated in the tricks with a Like, Comment or Share. At the end of the season the sum of the points decided the winner among the Riders, then the winners of the prizes offered by our sponsors were drawn by lot from among the online participants.

The MAX Crew Ski Livigno and Snowboard Livigno Winter Season 2018/19

This winter is almost here and as I said, there will be some news … so do not miss all the updates on our The MAX Crew page.

>> Stay Tuned!!! <<

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