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Noleggio MAX Livigno Questo è uno degli Sci Standard del nostro noleggio...Ascolta cosa ne pensa MAX !!! Rental MAX Livigno This is one of the standard skis of our rental ... Listen to what MAX thinks about it !!! >> Stay Tuned !!! << #Livigno #RentalMAXLivigno

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It often happens that many of our customers don’t fully understand the difference between standard and intermediate and this in itself isn’t unusual. There are many factors that characterise and differentiate standard equipment from other categories. The Standard Ski Rental section mainly refers to Beginners Ski Rental and you can choose between various types of models and sizes. These skis are designed to make skiing easier; this means greater manoeuvrability and ski permissiveness. Skis that aren’t suitable for all situations, but ones which will make the whole ski area go smoothly if you avoid the steepest and iciest slopes. In fact, if you’re looking for skis that give you more stability, you should go with our intermediate level skis.

When choosing which skis to rent, it is therefore essential to consider your skiing level and to choose the ski that best reflects your skills. Opting for a Top ski when you’re a beginner could lead to considerable difficulties. The same thing could be said for choosing a standard ski when you’re an excellent skier: the experience could leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, since you probably won’t get the performance you’re looking for.

Standard Ski Rental Beginners Ski Rental at Rental MAX Livigno

To show you our Standard Skis, we’ve created a Video where MAX will personally show you the characteristics of these skis.

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