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Have you ever heard of UpSki Livigno? This new technology will leave you speechless!

Have you ever done a slope and wondered: “How did I ski? Did I bend my knees enough? What speed did I reach?” Or a challenge between friends that ends with a subjective and often approximate judgement of performance.

UpSki Livigno will open up a new world for you, parallel to the ski slopes. UpSki is a sophisticated sensor with an inertial platform that reconstructs and interprets your boot’s every movement. This is in fact applied to the external back part of the boot, once activated it connects with an App Ski that has to be downloaded on your Smartphone. Following a simple registration process, you can create your own profile where all your performances and tracks will be recorded.

UpSki Livigno will provide you with all the information related to your skiing and will evaluate your skills by assigning you a score. UpSki reconstructs the skier’s level according to the F.I.S.I. (Federazione Italiana Sport Invernali – Italian Winter Sport Federation) scale and the levels range from 1 (snowplough) to 7 (instructor), up to pre-competitive level. In the future, competitive levels will also be added, but for now this device can be used to collect performance-specific data. The assigned score can also be shared with other members registered on UpSki, thus creating virtual challenges on the same tracks on different days.

You can try App Ski brend new UpSki Livigno at Rental MAX Livigno

Come and try the brand new UpSki Livigno at our rental in Livigno on Via Plan 413! An experience that will keep you entertained and make your days on the snow even more exciting! For more information, visit the UpSki website where all the technology will be illustrated in detail. Don’t miss this opportunity… come and try it at the Rental MAX Livigno !

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