Rental Terms

The following rules and conditions are part of the present rental agreement.
  1. The rentee takes full responsability for the rental equipment.
  2. The rental equipment is not insured."Complete risk coverage" is available, the rate is 10% of the rental cost. Loss, theft and damage then become the responsability of the renter for 50%.
  3. In case of theft or breakage, without risk coverage, the market value of the equipment will be charged to the rentee.
  4. In the case of theft, the rentee is required to report the theft to the local police.
  5. In the case of theft or loss of the rental equipment, with risk coverage the rentee is required to pay a franchising fee of 50% of the market value of the equipment.
  6. In case of damage to the equipment, without risk coverage, the rentee is required to pay repair costs according to the rate listed.
  7. Changing rental equipment during the rental period with material of the same value is always possible.
  8. Changing to material of other category or of a higher value is also possible. The difference in value will be charged to the rentee. Should the rentee change to equipment of a lower value, there will be no refund.
  9. The rental equipment has to be prepaid for the duration of the rental period. The latest return time is 9 am, on the day following the end of the rental period.
  10. If the equipment is not returned within 7 days of the expiry of the rental period, it will reported to the police as stolen.
  11. The equipment may be returned before the end of the rental period. There will be no refunds. Refund of rental costs will only be made in the event of injury and/or illness, when proven by medical certificate.
  12. The present rental agreement is deemed valid only after payment with credit card or the deposit of the value of the rental equipment in cash and/or a valid I.D. for the entire period of the rental.
  13. The rentee declares to have read the privacy policy visible at the link
We kindly ask the rentee to treat the equipment carefully. We would like to thank you very much for choosing our company and we hope you will enjoy yourself.